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The Citizens for Ridgefield Schools have come together to address Ridgefield’s overcrowded schools.

We cannot delay any longer.

The need is urgent. Ridgefield students, teachers, and families need a solution now. 

Citizens for Ridgefield Schools is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization comprised of Ridgefield citizens who work to support the passing of school levies and bonds. We have a long, proud history of advocating for our children and supporting Ridgefield schools. Our team is 100 percent volunteer-run and funding for campaign materials and activities is provided by individuals and businesses in the community.

Proposition 10 and 11 gives students an environment where they can thrive.
Let's Bond Together for Our Ridgefield, and Our Future.

Learn the Facts About Propositions 10 and 11


As Ridgefield School District experiences significant growth, strain on educational infrastructure intensifies.


Since the 2017 bond, student enrollment surged by 47%, adding 1,337 students from pre-K to 12th grade, resulting in overcrowded schools. This strain manifests in long queues during pick-up and drop-off, diversion of funds to manage 26 portable classrooms, and disruptive shuffling of elementary students across schools. Maintenance backlog worsens facility deterioration, compromising the learning environment. Ridgefield Schools Bonds Propositions 10 and 11 offer solutions, making voting "Yes" crucial for Ridgefield's future.

Your Vote is an investment in the future of Ridgefield


Prop10&11 graphic of what is in each project and cost to tax payers

Learn About Your Combined Property Owner Investment

Calculate Your Annual Tax Increase when Proposition 10 and 11 Pass

Enter your assessed home value to see how much will be added per year:

Annual Tax Increase

Combined Tax Increase if Prop 10 & 11 Both Pass


Thriving schools are important for the future of Ridgefield. 

For over 100 years, families have been drawn to Ridgefield for its natural beauty, sense of community, and opportunities to prosper. It is important that we continue to invest to keep this town great! 

We can’t solve every challenge facing Ridgefield, but supporting our schools goes a long way towards a thriving community.

Proposition 10 and 11 are an investment in the heart of our community and its future – our students.

Voting yes on Proposition 10 and 11 is an investment into our community. 

Kelliana Cole, Parent

“We're ready to get to work, to come together as a community. It's time to set aside our differences and unite to give our students spaces where they can thrive."

Lindsey McQuinston, Educator

"I want my children to attend schools that are safe, where they can pursue their passions, and have space to be creative and active."

Sam Conklin, 8th Grader

“ Everyday in the hallways and lunchroom there is a constant battle to find space to move around or sit down for a break. Most companies out there would consider these poor working conditions, but it is my everyday reality.”
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