Issuing bonds now at low interest rates can allow the District to complete these projects while saving millions of dollars to taxpayers.

Ridgefield is a special place and we all want to keep it that way.  Did you know, according to the City of Ridgefield's own survey, the number one reason people move to Ridgefield is our schools?  And just like kids need nourishment to keep growing, so do our schools.  As we continue to add more and more students, our buildings and campuses simply do not have the space needed to serve our students.

​The estimated bond is approximately $40.465 million with a projected tax rate of 32¢ per $1,000 of assessed valuation.
For a home valued at $466,000 the tax increase is $149 annually, or $12.42 per month.

Did you know that property tax rates are actually lower today than in 2013?  View the chart below to explore Ridgefield's property tax rates since the 2012 bond came online.  The chart shows the yearly total tax rate for a property within the City of Ridgfield (City) and the unincorporated portions of the District (County).     


Why doesn't the State of Washington Pay for the new school?


School district capital projects in Washington state are funded first and primarily by local taxes. The State’s School Construction Assistance Program (SCAP) provides funding assistance to school districts that are undertaking major new construction or modernization projects. Those projects must meet eligibility requirements. If eligible, the State provides partial funding based on formulas, allowances, and costs related to certain aspects of a construction project. In Ridgefield’s case, this is the $12.3 million in projected state assistance the District will be eligible for assuming the voters authorize the bond.

How does Ridgefield compare to other districts in Clark County?

 Tax Rate /$1000 Assessed Valuation

$$ Battle Ground - $2.11

$$$ Woodland - $3.13

$$$$ Vancouver - $3.20

$$$$ Evergreen - $3.24

$$$$ Ridgefield - $3.45

$$$$ Hockinson - $3.47

$$$$ Washougal - $3.67

$$$$$ La Center - $4.45

$$$$$ Camas - $5.03

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