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52 Classrooms in Portables

Every school in the Ridgefield School District is over capacity, unable to give students the learning spaces they need to thrive.

26 Portables for just 4 schools is not a long-term solution. That’s 52 classrooms across all 4 schools, with a 1/3 of the student population learning in aging portables during any given time during the school day.

The need is urgent, our students and teachers need a solution now. Now is the time to come together to solve this important and urgent problem.

Proposition 10 and 11 provide a solution that addresses overcrowding and provides students with an environment where they can thrive.

Proposition 10 focuses on shovel-ready projects that will be completed by fall 2025:

  • New K-4 elementary school

  • High school expansion and career facilities

  • Roof repairs across the district

Proposition 11 supports students needs, and builds off of the districts long term plan:

  • New 5-8 intermediate and middle school

  • Upgraded athletic facilities and playgrounds

  • Renovated band rooms and athletic fields

  • Completed by 2026

Everyone deserves access to the facts! Visit our homepage to calculate your potential annual tax increase if both Proposition 10 and 11 pass.

Let’s Bond Together to pass Propositions 10 and 11! Comment on this post with a if you plan to invest into the heart of our community by voting YES on Propositions 10 and 11 on April 23. Share this post to help us reach more voters, thank you for your support!

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