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Addressing Overcrowding: Vote Yes Ridgefield Schools Bonds Propositions 10 and 11

Updated: Apr 9

As Ridgefield School District continues to grow, the strain on our educational infrastructure becomes increasingly apparent. Since the passing of our last bond in 2017, the district has seen a remarkable 47% increase in student enrollment, adding 1,337 more students from pre-K to 12th grade. Unfortunately, this surge has brought about a dire consequence: overcrowded schools.

The repercussions of this overcrowding ripple through our community. Long queues during pick-up and drop-off congest our streets, while vital funds meant for education are diverted to sustain and manage 26 portable classrooms. Moreover, overcrowding has led to the unsettling shuffle of elementary students across different schools, disrupting their sense of stability and belonging. The backlog of maintenance exacerbates the deterioration of our school facilities, compromising the learning environment for our students.

In response to this pressing issue, we are presented with Ridgefield Schools Bonds Propositions 10 and 11 on the upcoming ballot. Let's delve into why voting "Yes" on these propositions is crucial for the future of Ridgefield.

Ridgefield School District Bond Proposition 10: Addressing Immediate Needs

Proposition 10 is a crucial step towards alleviating overcrowding in our schools. This proposition encompasses the construction of a new elementary school and an addition to Ridgefield High School. These projects are not just necessary; they are long overdue. By providing additional classroom space and responding to the demand for career and technical education, Proposition 10 aims to enhance the quality of education for all students in Ridgefield.

Moreover, these projects are not merely aspirational; they are shovel-ready and scheduled for completion by fall of 2025. By investing in Proposition 10, we are ensuring that more students have access to safe and quality learning spaces, which in turn contributes to lower dropout rates, increased attendance, and better prospects for college enrollment and employment.

Ridgefield School District Bond Proposition 11: Building on Current Needs

Building upon the urgent initiatives of Proposition 10, Proposition 11 takes the necessary strides to meet the current facility needs of our students. This proposition includes projects such as the construction of a new combined intermediate and middle school, along with upgrades to facilities at the high school. By providing additional classroom space and enhancing extracurricular opportunities, Proposition 11 aims to foster academic success and character development among Ridgefield students.

The challenges facing our schools are not going away and the costs to address them will only increase as construction costs rise and existing buildings continue to deteriorate. This is about more than constructing buildings. We are uniting as a community to solve an important problem. 

Now is the time to come together to address our overcrowded schools. Please vote “Yes” on both Propositions 10 and 11.

How to Vote Yes

Voting "Yes" on Propositions 10 and 11 is crucial for the future of Ridgefield. When you receive your ballot, prioritize Proposition 10 by checking "Yes" to approve it. Remember, Proposition 11 can only proceed if Proposition 10 passes. Once you've supported Proposition 10, proceed to vote "Yes" on Proposition 11 to endorse additional projects aimed at improving our schools.

It's imperative to turn in your ballot early so that we can show our communities overwhelming support for these propositions. Together, let's unite as a community to address the challenges facing our schools and invest in the future of Ridgefield.

Now is the Time

Overcrowding in our schools affects us all,by supporting Propositions 10 and 11, we can impact the future of Ridgefield for generations to come. Let's Bond Together and vote "Yes" to ensure that our students have the resources and facilities they need to thrive.

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