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Letter to the Editor: Buildings are critical to quality school system


There have been many eloquently written letters that have spoken to me deeply about why we need to pass propositions 10 and 11 so that we can build desperately needed schools in Ridgefield. I wanted to add my very simple two cents.

We are a paycheck-to-paycheck family. I understand the difficulty of affording additional taxes.

That said, I truly believe nothing does more for a community than a solid school system. Buildings are a basic, but critical part, of that need. And as someone who lives in Ridgefield because I want to be in a quality, safe, family-oriented community, I am willing to make sacrifices for that community.

Whether that sacrifice is a few cups of coffee a month or it’s larger and requires some serious budgeting, it is absolutely worth it. So, simply, the answer is yes (and yes again) for

propositions 10 and 11. The more we build up our schools, the more benefits we will see throughout our wonderful city.

My kids talk about the crowding in the halls and lunchrooms. I see kids fighting for space on sports teams, which is made more difficult by the crowding, as is finding the space to practice sports in Ridgefield, period.

We all know classrooms have been pushed to portables and that we’ll have to get even more creative with where we put our classes if we don’t build new buildings soon.

Building schools will give our kids space to thrive and our teachers space to teach at the highest possible level, allowing us to retain and build the amazing talent we have become accustomed to. Our family had a great elementary school experience for both of our kids at South Ridge Elementary, and then we continued that quality education at Sunset Ridge.

I was a mom who was worried about the middle school years and who has been ecstatic to watch amazing teachers and staff guide my son through said years in such a positive, supportive manner. I want nothing more than this same staff to have the opportunity to build the same amazing foundation for my daughter and many more young people for years to come. I look forward to voting yes (and yes again) to give them the space to do just that.

Amy Watt

Ridgefield Mom, Citizens Board Member

The Reflector 4/8/24

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