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My Why: Kalin Heath

Ridgefield Mom Kalin Heath and the Power of Community Bonds

Kalin Heath—a mother and a dedicated member of the Ridgefield community, knows exactly why these bonds are important and feels it on a deep level. With her husband and two daughters, Kelsey and Haley, Kalin weaves the threads of familial bonds and community engagement into the very fabric of Ridgefield's identity.

As an employee of the Ridgefield School District and a dedicated volunteer for the Citizens of Ridgefield Schools, Kalin's commitment to education goes beyond occupation or duty—it comes from a profound belief in the transformative power of learning. "These bonds are important to me because by providing students with adequate learning spaces, our community can give them ways to succeed that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.”

Drawing from her own educational journey marked by the absence of crucial community investments in schools, Kalin's resolve is fueled by a poignant understanding of missed opportunities. Reflecting on the impact of unpassed bonds, she shares, "My K-12 education was spent in a district where bonds were never passed. As a student, I felt the impact of that...My two daughters and all of the students are already feeling the impact of 5 failed bonds. I want to do my part to help ensure that those impacts don’t increase and that my girls and the rest of our students can see and feel the positive impact of bonds being passed. They’ve felt the negative impacts for too long. "

In the face of Ridgefield's sixth bond attempt, Kalin's spirit remains unwavering, her conviction unshakable. To her, 'Bond Together' transcends mere words—it embodies the essence of community unity and collective action. "It means putting our differences aside and creating something that results in our community putting our collective energy into getting these bonds pass the finish line.”

For Kalin, the urgency of the present moment is urgent. With Ridgefield experiencing exponential growth, the need for investment in education has never been more pressing. "Our students need this now more than ever.”

To those hesitating on investing in these bonds, Kalin extends a heartfelt plea, rooted in empathy and foresight. "We can come together and invest in our students, their education and futures by giving them adequate space to learn, grow and thrive in their K-12 education.  As as community, we can help be the solution and show our students what being part of Ridgefield truly means - Bonding Together to give our students learning spaces that are necessary and that that they deserve to have. Giving them experiences

and opportunities that will carry them well beyond their K-12 education.”

As Ridgefield stands ready to ‘Bond Together’, Kalin Heath stands as a testament to the power of community bonds and collective action. Her dedication, and her unwavering belief in the potential of Ridgefield’s future serve as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards giving our students learning spaces where they can thrive.

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