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My Why: Rose and Ernie

Updated: Apr 9

Rose and Ernie: The Faces Behind Ridgefield School Bonds

In the heart of our Bond Together campaign, we are surrounded by passionate volunteers who are making a profound impact to win with a super majority by April 23. Rose and Ernie are two volunteers who have advocated for Ridgefield School Bonds Propositions 10 and 11. As active members of the community, they have embarked on a mission, knocking on over 400 doors and engaging tirelessly with fellow residents about Propositions 10 and 11. To them, this isn't just about school bonds; it's about the future of their community, their grandchildren, and generations to come.

Who Are They?

Rose is not just a Spudder; she's a devoted mom and grandparent who traces her roots back to Southridge, where her journey with Ridgefield schools began in 1964. Ernie, on the other hand, hails from Texas, where his family's legacy spans over a century. He made his home in Ridgefield nearly twenty years ago and as a Latino and a former educator, Ernie's passion for youth and community leadership runs deep.

Why the Bonds?

For Rose and Ernie, the urgency is here now. With five failed attempts in the past, they understand the dire need to catch up. Schools, they believe, are the heartbeat of any community, and the impacts of delay are felt daily by students and residents alike.

"It's impacting our community and affecting students on every level," Ernie emphasizes. Both have seen firsthand the repercussions of underfunded schools. Hence, their unwavering support stems from a profound understanding of the issues at hand and a commitment to address them head-on.

What Sets This Campaign Apart?

This time around, Rose and Ernie have noticed a significant shift in community engagement. There's a newfound sense of unity, a collective effort to involve everyone, regardless of differences. Volunteers are eager, and new families are stepping up to join the cause. People are speaking out like never before, putting the school bonds front and center in Ridgefield's consciousness.

"We're coming together in a different, more impactful way," Rose notes. "It's about allowing everyone a seat at the table, despite our differences," adds Ernie. This inclusivity has breathed new life into the campaign, galvanizing support and fostering meaningful conversations.

Addressing Doubts

To those on the fence, Rose advocates for a patient approach. "First, I'd ask more questions," she says. Understanding the concerns and motivations of skeptics is crucial in fostering dialogue and dispelling misconceptions. Listening, she believes, is the first step toward finding common ground.

Ernie echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of empathy and understanding multiple perspectives. "Approach those conversations with compassion," he advises. He encourages skeptics to take a closer look at the schools themselves, beyond the school bus you see going down the road every day. A visit to the elementary campuses, he suggests, can reveal the stark reality of the need for these bonds.

In Rose and Ernie, Ridgefield finds not just advocates, but champions that are committed to not only passing Propositions 10 and 11, but investing in the generations of future Spudders to come. Their dedication, compassion, and unwavering resolve exemplify the spirit of community that defines our campaign, and is breathing new life into Ridgefield.

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