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My Why: The Shipps Call to Invest in Ridgefield's Future

Updated: Apr 13

Ridgefield is coming together to solve the problem of overcrowding in our schools. We have watched as our community Bond's Together and it's been inspiring. 

We are proud to share the ‘WHY’ of the Shipp family pillars of the community, both in their roles as educators and parents. Chris and Sam Shipp, along with their sons Ashton and Logan, embrace the heartbeat of the Ridgefield. As teachers at RHS and parents of Ridgefield students, they understand the critical importance of investing in the future of their community. In this interview, they share their perspectives on the significance of the upcoming Ridgefield School Bonds Propositions 10 and 11 and why they believe this campaign is what we need to move Ridgefield forward.

1. Who are you, and why are these bonds important to you?

Chris and Sam: We are the Shipps (Chris, Sam, Ashton, and Logan). We are both teachers at RHS, and our boys attend school in Ridgefield. These bonds are so important for our kids, teachers, and community! We need space for our students to learn and grow without overcrowded and rundown buildings.

2. What does ‘bond together’ mean to you?

Chris and Sam: What Bond together means to us is coming together for the greater good! Our students, our teachers, and our community members are the glue, and the bond that holds this awesome town of Ridgefield together! We need each other to make this happen, we need each other to be and continue to create future generations of togetherness. Bonding together brings unity and community. Bonding together brings understanding and compromise. Bonding together will make positive change ❤️

3. Why now?

Chris and Sam: Invest in your future! Everyone should care about the youth in our community. If we invest in our youth and our schools it only makes for an even stronger and healthier future for our community.

4. What would you say to someone who is on the fence about voting yes?

Chris and Sam: I would encourage someone to think about the bigger picture, with the growth comes the inevitable, change. If we put off what needs to happen now, it’ll only make things more difficult in the future. Our students need the change now, not later. If we invest in making changes as they are needed it won’t be a worse situation down the road. We need space, now!

5. Why do you think it will pass this time?

Chris and Sam: Our community is truly bonding together, businesses, neighbors, schools, and outsiders to the Ridgefield community are bonding and building relationships to try to better understand the need and the bigger picture, and that is what will help us pass this bond.

Join the Shipp Family in Investing in the Future of Ridgefield

The Shipp's dedication to education and community is seen by their support of Propostitions 10 and 11. Through their words, we glimpse at the community spirit that has made our town great for over 100 years. As they emphasize the importance of investing in the future, we hope their message resonates with the collective voice of a community ready to come together for positive change. With their guidance and the support of fellow residents, we’re ready to Bond Together for Our Future and Our Ridgefield!

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