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My Why: The Siffert Family

Ridgefield's Community Voice: Meet the Siffert Family

If you live on Hillhurst, chances are you've crossed paths with the Siffert family. Amanda Siffert, along with her husband Ryan and their two children, Landon and Colton, have been a familiar sight, knocking on over 808 doors in our Ridgefield, engaging in heartfelt conversations about passing Ridgefield School Bond Propositions 10 and 11. They are true champions of Bond Together. Their purpose? To give students learning spaces where they can thrive, by fixing overcrowding in our schools through the passing of Propositions 10 and 11.

Why are these bonds important to you?

"We are the Siffert Family, Ryan, Amanda, Landon, and Colton. We chose Ridgefield to be part of a great community. With the overcrowding in our schools, we have experienced the pains of learning in portables, wasted time walking to remote learning sites, lunch at 10:30 am, bullying, overcrowded buses, limits on the number of kids for middle school sports, and more. We want to be part of the solution, which is why we have gotten involved with the campaign."

What does 'bond together' mean to you?

"Collectively as a community, we are better when we support everyone. Now is the time we, Ridgefield as a whole, do just that!"

Why now?

"Our growth is not stopping, and if we don’t rally together as a collective in support of protecting what we value most, the risk is too great. There is too much at stake if we don’t solve our overcrowding."

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about voting yes?

"I understand there is a cost, but think of it as an investment in our collective future! How often have you looked back in life and wished you invested in something? I know I have. Join me in voting Yes!"

The Siffert family's tireless efforts aren't just about passing both propositions; they're about coming together as a community to solve an important problem. Their passion is contagious, their dedication is truly inspiring. As they knock on doors, they're not just asking for votes; they're asking for support, and for a commitment to the future of our community.

So, Ridgefield, as we stand on the brink of change, let's heed their call. Let's come together, not just as neighbors, but as a community invested in its future. Let's vote YES on Propositions 10 and 11, and let's show what it means to truly Bond Together for Our Ridgefield and Our Future.

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