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Ridgefield Students Need Our Help: Vote Yes on Prop 10 and 11

Overcrowding is impacting every school in our district, with a 47% increase in student population since the last bond in 2017. The overcrowding in our intermediate and middle schools deprives students of crucial opportunities, like participating in sports due to limited team spaces. Gyms have been converted into makeshift classrooms, and students are forced to travel off-campus for classes, sacrificing precious learning time. This overcrowding not only jeopardizes safety but also undermines the quality of education for our students.

Ridgefield students need our help.

Building on the urgent projects addressed by Proposition 10, Proposition 11 will allow Ridgefield to move from playing catch-up to getting back on-track to meet the current facility needs of our students. Proposition 11 will provide additional classroom space and facilities for 5th through 8th graders with a new combined intermediate and middle school. Proposition 11 also includes projects at the high school like upgrading the band room, an addition for the wrestling room, and track maintenance. These projects provide opportunities for students to be involved in extracurricular activities, which contribute to greater academic success and character development.

The challenges facing our schools are not going away and the costs to address them will only increase as construction costs rise and existing buildings continue to deteriorate. This is about more than constructing buildings. We are uniting as a community to solve an important problem. 

Now is the time to come together to address our overcrowded schools. Please vote “Yes” on both Proposition 10 and 11.

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