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The Need is Here: Vote Yes on Prop 10

Ridgefield School District has added 1,337 more pre-K to 12th grade students since we passed our last bond in 2017, a 47% increase. Without space in our school buildings, approximately 1/3 of our students are learning in portable classrooms at any given point during the school day. 

The impact of overcrowding is felt by our entire community. Long pick-up and drop-off lines snarl traffic, and essential funds meant for education are diverted to purchase and maintain 26 portable buildings. This overcrowding has led to the upheaval of hundreds of elementary students, shuffling them to different schools in a bid to balance the strain across campuses. Furthermore, delayed maintenance is hastening the deterioration of our school facilities.

Now is the time to come together to address our overcrowded schools. 

Proposition 10 includes a new elementary school and an addition to Ridgefield High School, providing desperately needed classroom space and responding to the growing demand for career and technical education. These projects are past due and shovel-ready, scheduled for completion by fall of 2025. Proposition 10 will give more students safe and quality learning spaces and access to technical training, which decreases dropout rates and increases attendance, college enrollment, and employment. 

Improved schools enhance life for everyone in Ridgefield. Our schools are the heart of our community and our students are its future. Let’s unite to take a crucial next step towards alleviating overcrowding in our schools and invest in the future of Ridgefield. Please vote “Yes” on Proposition 10.

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