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Who We Are

Now is the Time to Bond Together!

Citizens for Ridgefield Schools is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization of Ridgefield citizens who work to support the passing of school levies and bonds. We have a long, proud history of advocating for our children and supporting Ridgefield schools. Our team is 100 percent volunteer-run and funding for campaign materials and activities is provided by individuals and businesses in the community. 


About Our Team

For months now, a dynamic force of over 100 community members have united with a shared purpose: to ignite change and unity within our community. From the initial sparks just before the new year to this very moment, we've been tirelessly crafting a campaign fueled by determination, positivity and a commitment to our students.


Who are we? We are Ridgefield – parents, grandparents, educators, students, and retirees. We embody a tapestry of backgrounds, beliefs, and ages, yet we're bound by a common vision: to overcome the hurdles of overcrowded schools and ‘Bond Together for Our Ridgefield, and Our Future’.


We are dedicated to coming together, we transcend political divides and bridge generational gaps, propelled by a singular mission: to champion Propositions 10 and 11. This isn’t just another vote or building this is an investment into a thriving Ridgefield. Together we can honor our past and shape our future, by coming together to give our students spaces where they can thrive! 


Together, we stand as proud citizens of Ridgefield, investing our time, energy, and passion into a cause greater than ourselves. Join us as we pave the way for a community where every learner has the space and opportunity to thrive. Get Involved Here

Citizens for Ridgefield Schools Board

'Bond Together' Campaign Committee

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