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Let's Unite to Pass Proposition 10 & 11

The challenge we face is real – every school in the Ridgefield School District is over capacity, unable to give students the learning spaces they need to thrive.


Without bond funding for new facilities and safety upgrades, our schools will remain overcrowded, and facilities will lack crucial safety enhancements.

Now is the time to Bond Together for Our Ridgefield and Our Future.


Ridgefield Schools are Overcrowded

The challenge we face is real – every school in the Ridgefield School District is over capacity, unable to give students the learning spaces they need to thrive. 

Ridgefield schools are overcrowded.

  • 26 Portables for 4 schools is not a long-term solution. 

  • We've added 1,337 more students across all Ridgefield School District Schools, since we passed our last bond. That’s a 47% increase!

  • 1,462 grade school students are packed into schools designed for 1,197.

Crowded schools are impacting Ridgefield students, families, and the community. 
  • Long pick-up and drop-off lines 

  • Lunch schedules through almost the end of the school day 

  • No all-school events due to a lack of parking spaces 

  • Students being cut from middle school sports because of the lack of gym space 


Research suggests that overcrowded schools can impact students' learning. including lower test scores, and increased rates of bullying

Overcrowding has forced our schools to make tough decisions.
  • Vital funding is used to purchase and maintain dozens of portable classrooms. 

  • Hundreds of students have had to leave their friends and teachers to move to another school in order to balance overcrowding. 

  • Delayed building maintenance is accelerating wear and tear on school facilities.


Crowded Schools are Impacting Our Community

Downtown Ridgefield

Our Ridgefield,

Our Future.

In Ridgefield, when there is a challenge, our community unites to solve the problem.

It’s no secret that Ridgefield is evolving. Let’s ensure we maintain the best of Ridgefield, our sense of community and tradition of coming together to help one another.

Building on Ridgefield’s legacy we will come together to address the needs in our schools. 

Together we can honor our past and shape Ridgefield's future for generations to come.


Proposition 10 and 11 gives students an environment where they can thrive.

Improved schools enhance life for everyone that lives in Ridgefield. 


  • Increases positivity of parents, teachers, and others involved in the schools. 

  • Bolsters school spirit and community pride. 

  • Invests in the future of our youngest citizens, as our future neighbors, a skilled labor force, and community leaders 


Thriving schools are important for the future of Ridgefield. 

For over 100 years families have been drawn to Ridgefield for its natural beauty, sense of community, and opportunities to prosper. It is important that we continue to invest to keep this town great! 

We can’t solve every challenge facing Ridgefield, but supporting our schools goes a long way towards a thriving community. 


Proposition 10 and 11 are an investment in the heart of our community and its future – our students. 

Voting yes on Proposition 10 and 11 is an investment into our community.

Important Information


When is the Vote?

Election day is April 23, 2024. Ballots will be mailed starting April 5, 2024.

Your ballot must be:

  • Postmarked no later than Election Day; or

  • Returned to a designated ballot drop box by 8 pm on Election Day; or

  • Returned in person to the Elections Office by 8 pm on Election Day.

  • Learn more about voter registration Online


Prop 11 Can't Pass Without Prop 10

Proposition 11 can only pass if Proposition 10 passes. 

However, Proposition 10 can pass even if Proposition 11 falls short. If Proposition 10 passes, but not Proposition 11, the District will complete the project outline for Proposition 10. The projects outlined in Proposition 11 will not be completed. 

Speech Bible

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re committed to building trust, fostering deeper community connections, and ensuring that everyone is a valued part of the conversation. 

  • Access detailed information, including Frequently Asked Questions  like the impact of Proposition 10 and 11 on your taxes, on Ridgefield School Districts bond webpage. Additional questions, comments, or concerns can be submitted at the form below.

Giving Hand

Show Your Support

Join the campaign!


Everyone has a role to play in getting Prop 10 and 11 passed.  Take action and become a campaign champion today!

Learn more about being a Campaign Champion!

I love Ridgefield. I have worked tirelessly over the years to try and build community and support fellow mamas in Ridgefield. Ridgefield was overcrowded in 1986 when I moved here - we had to move all the 5/6th graders from south ridge to union because of the crowding. In the 38 year since then, we have only passed 2 bonds.

Tara Nathan, RHS Grad, Resident, and Parent

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